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          Material Process Selection
          Cut-in Place Thermoforming
          Process (PDF - 120KB)
          In-Line Thermoforming with
          Steel Rule or Forged Steel
          Trim with Vacuum, Air
          Pressure and Plug Assist
          (PDF - 140KB)
          Modular Two-Station Forming
          With Matched Metal Trim
          (PDF - 119KB)
          Physical Properties
          (PDF - 354KB)
          MSI for Customers
          (PDF - 17.9KB)
          Trouble Shooting GuideGeneral Thermoforming and
          Cutting Troubleshooting
          Guide (PDF - 74.1KB)
          Standard Thermoforming
          Equipment Overview
          (PDF - 292KB)

          Advanced Extrusion Inc. ManufacturersSTANDARD & CUSTOM POLYESTER ROLL STOCK for CONSUMER/FOOD PACKAGING & INDUSTRIAL PACKAGING for the Thermoforming Market

          Our PET Products are Ideal for Food and Non-Food Product Packaging

          Specializing in Polyester Roll Stock... Our commitment to excellent service and sustainability is fueled by our stated objective to be recognized by our customers as a true partner in their present and future.

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